What is Minix Linux?

Minix is an open source OS, which is very reliable and secure. Minix Linux comes with only 10,000 lines of codes and it is very lightweight microkernal that runs in kernal mode. Moreover Minix Linux is free open source operating system and is released with BSD license.

If you want to read more about history of Minix Linux than click here

Features of Minix Linux

  • Support of TCP / IP standards
  • Support X Windows System
  • Languages like C, Perl, Python and etc are supported
  • More than 6500 Unix programs supported

Currently Minix Linux has released version 3.2.0; click here to download Minix 3.2.0

If you want to install Minix than here is the installation guide available for you and here is the link to install Minix on VM – Virtual Machines.

 Click here for Minix user guide.

 Enjoy Open Source

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